Petrol Ofisi

The leader of the fuel and lubricant sectors in Turkey, Petrol Ofisi was founded as the first and national brand of Turkey on February 18, 1941 with a personnel consisting of 9 employees.

The World War II marked an era when the problems in the fuel sector peaked, and Turkey was completely dependent on outside resources; in this period, Petrol Ofisi claimed the duty and responsibility “to provide these needed products, to deliver them to all over Turkey, and to strengthen Turkey and carry the country into the future by supporting all sectors, and especially agriculture and industry.”

Owing to its successful and devoted endeavors since the first years of its foundation, Petrol Ofisi has an unparalleled storage capacity and infrastructure, through which it can operate even at the remotest place of Turkey. In addition to its network of stations, Petrol Ofisi has strong infrastructures, and under the PO Marine and POAIR brands, it is a company capable of providing all kinds of fuels for land, marine and air vehicles. Petrol Ofisi is also the traditional leader of the lubricants and chemicals market of Turkey, where it has been operating since it was first founded in 1941.

Today, Petrol Ofisi has a strong and unparalleled infrastructure in Turkey, consisting of more than 1.700 fuel stations, more than 1.400 village pumps, 9 fuel terminals, 3 LPG terminals, 20 airport refueling units, 1 lubricant factory, and approximately 1.1 million m3 of storage capacity. In addition to its personnel under the General Directorate, consisting of 750 employees, it also indirectly creates employment for thousands of people through its dealers. The company’s total revenue was 30.8 billion TL in 2016.

Petrol Ofisi traditionally maintains its titles as “the leader of fuel sector in Turkey”, “the market leader of lubricants and chemicals in Turkey”, and “one of the two biggest private companies of Turkey.”

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